Sunday, 2 June 2013

Recipe Book Delights

I have a great deal of recipe books that I have collected over the years, some dating back to the 1800's that have been passed down through the generations. There is one specific shelf that I have collated my current favourite recipe books on that I plan on working through for the next couple of months.

So what do we have on the shelf of delights this month?

From L to R:

Gwyneth Paltrow - Its All Good
This is a new one that I bought this week having heard some pretty good things about it. And as Gwyneth Paltrow as just been voted the worlds most beautiful woman, it cannot be all that bad!
In all seriousness though, there are some really interesting recipes in there that I am looking forward to trying such as Sweet Potato and Five Spice Muffins.

Barefoot Contessa - Back To Basics
I dont think there is anyone out there that doesn't like a bit of Barefoot Contessa. I started watching Ina Garten during my university days. I felt my waistline increasing just watching some of the things that she cooked. And therefore I had to buy her recipe book! I love Ina's Fruitcake Cookies that she freezes before baking. I have never actually baked the Fruitcake version but always used the recipe for all my cookies and have made flavours such as dark chocolate pistachio cookies and chocolate hazelnut cookies. They are to die for!

Rachel Khoo - The Little Paris Kitchen
I LOVE RACHEL KHOO! I first saw Rachel Khoo on her BBC show of the same name. I loved the easiness of her french recipes and bought her book the moment it came out. It is definitely my most used recipe book on the shelf but I haven't used it for a while so am looking forward to trying some of the recipes I have not yet made.
(Photo above from The Little Paris Kitchen - Cured Sausage, Pistachio and Prune Cake)

Jamie Oliver - Jamie's America, 30 Minute Meals and Happy Days with The Naked Chef
You cannot go wrong with a bit of Jamie Oliver. His recipes are always fantastic and simple. My favourite Jamie Oliver book is Jamie's America. Again one that I have done a number of recipes from in the past but am looking forward to revisiting.
(Photo below from Jamie's America - Chilli Cheese Cornbread)

Pieminister - A Pie for All Seasons
If you haven't tried a Pieminister Pie yet, you are missing out. They are mine and Jamie's favourite! This is one that I have set as a challenge for myself. I have not yet been able to make pastry successfully and have only ever made suet pudding which is the closet to making a pie that I have gotten! I really want to learn to make pastry so will be picking a few delights from this.

Nigel Slater - The Kitchen Diaries II
I bought this recipe book for Jamie this week as he had expressed an interest in getting a Nigel Slater book. Possibly one of my best purchases in a while. Nigel uses this book as a diary and has a recipe for every day of the year. I cannot wait to give some of these a go as they look absolutely scrummy!
(Photo below from The Kitchen Diaries II - Sauerkraut and Mushroom Pierogi)

The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook
This is one of those cookbooks that I go to when I need a good cake recipe and it never lets me down! But there are some recipes in here that I have never thought of touching as they look pretty tricky but now is the time to have a go.
(Photo below from Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook - Brooklyn Blackout Cake)

Marian Keyes - Saved By Cake
Yes Marian Keyes can usually be found writing novels but did recently release a recipe book of baked goods that I am yet to try. They really do look good so I would like to see how this novelist-turned-cook's recipes turn out.
(Photo Below from Saved By Cake - Pecan Pie)

Mrs Beeton - Everyday Cooking and Housekeeping

This is the oldest book on the shelf. I don't know when it was first published but its definitely from the late 1800's. There are some peculiar things in here that I would like to try.

Book With No Name
This is the book with no name because it is so old that the cover has completely rubbed off. It is a recipe book from my hometown that has a number of recipes in that local residents had submitted. There are some really great and unusual recipes in here that I cannot wait to try.

The recipes that I feature in this blog will be recipes of my own but I will also be trying recipes from these books along the way. I will let you know which book a recipe has come from a book and who it's by.

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